How It Works

"In The Age Of Internet / Emails And GIG Economy , It Is Becoming Impossible And Time Consuming To Get The Face Time With The Decision Makers or Influencer’s To Sell The Product or Service"

  • It’s a platform loaded with sales pros. from different countries/locations & all Industries and domains.
  • These sales pros have been selling products and services to your prospective customers and decision makers in the organizations for last 5/10/15/20 years or more.
  • They help you provide as many Meetings / Appointments / Presentations / Leads /Sales Closures as you want in your desired b2b,b2b2c,b2c markets,
  • They have proven capability of closing deals in the required markets and market segments.
  • They are trusted and enjoy confidence and trust of your prospective customers.
  • They generate innumerable number of sales leads too since they are meeting your customers day in and day out.

Avail The Services Of These Sales Pros To Generate Sales And Profits

We Help You Create Your Own “SALES ENGINE”?

Make GlobalSalesWeb Work For Your Business

  • STEP-I : Identify target accounts

    Identify your dream accounts?

    Simply create a sales deal and add material

    that will arm Sales Professionals with the information they need to close deals.

  • STEP-II : Assign Sales Professionals

    As Sales Professionals apply or you invite them,

    you choose which Sales Professionals you want to work with.

    Choose as many as you need to maximize the chances of closing

  • STEP-III : Engage Sales Pros

    Engage with a team of sales pros to work for you

    month on month or year on year in multiple locations worldwide

    keeping your sales funnel filled month on month with sales leads

  • STEP-IV : Milestone Rewards

    You get to choose how much to offer Sales Professionals

    and pay when they complete a milestone.

    Set your milestones for introductions, meetings, demos, pilots, and closes. You’re in control.

  • Reach the decision makers at your target accounts and close sales deals faster.

    With GlobalSalesWeb, the products are pitched to the decision makers or influencers faster, implying that lower overheads and higher sales.