How Do You Earn

How does it work for you

  • You help companies National or international those looking to market products or services in India or other countries and markets these companies are happy to pay for your help
  • You have build connects in the industry or domain or location single or multiple.
  • You have been recruited and paid for by the employers for you sales skill and connects you have build during the sales jobs
  • Why not offer your connects experience knowledge and sales skills built over the period of time to multiple companies and multiply your earnings

There are various models created by companies on the GlobalSalesWeb platform

The models can be as follows


Here the business or companies pays per successful appointment basis to the sales pros mainly used by B2B sales companies though it can be used for other models too


Companies pay sales pros per presentation to their prospective customers that helps in creating a healthy sales pipeline and sales in a considerably short time


Companies in channel sales use this deal for on-boarding of sales channel and pay as per channel partner on-boarding

eg. Consumer durable, electrical or electronic or FMCG etc


Number of leads are being generated by salespros, companies are willing to pay not only for the leads but they pay for seeking help in acquiring the customers and sales closures.

The companies can connect with you to seek your help in sales closures with the clients or customers you enjoy a good leverage they would be happy to pay you for the same


Business offer a total packages to sales pros wherein they give % on sales closure on the leads where the sales pros have good connects and relation with the decision makers or influencers and the sales pro. leverages his business relations for sales closures


Herein the companies make a total package ( Appointment + presentation + sales closures + follow up and generating business with the acquired clients on month on month basis) with the sales pro who have connects in the market wherein the sales pros.

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